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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cute as a . . .

Cupcakes are just the in thing! Since 2006, the number of cupcakes I've baked up and decorated for customers exceeded the total number of cupcakes I made from 1998 through 2005! While some people request "exotic" flavors (coconut, lime, etc.), many are eager for the standard vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting. And as for designs, some are interested in special customized decor, but most just want the generous 'bakery swirl' of frosting with a dash of rainbow sprinkles on top! Cupcakes are comfort food that take us back to our earliest days, when a cupcake was quickly devoured in a couple of bites at your best friend's birthday party, leaving you plenty of time to get back to the business of playing. (Or for the picky-eater kids, just the frosting licked off and the cake part left behind!)

Kids still love cupcakes; when I deliver both a cake and cupcakes at a party, I've noticed that they won't stand still long enough to wait for the cake to be cut and clamor instead for a cupcake! (The adults get slices of cake, unless they are lucky enough to snag one of the remaining cupcakes). Utter sadness when there are more kids than cupcakes, so always order an extra dozen!

Cupcakes, in all their cuteness, are spilling over to all aspects of everyday life: t-shirts, beach towels, picture frames, wine (yes, wine), toys, etc. And I would not be doing my duty if I did not present you with some of my favorite non-edible cupcake designs from Sweetest Whimsy! Here are a few ideas if you too clamor for more cupcakes in your life, and these have the added value of being 0 calories(!):

Cupcake invitation, just the thing for a first birthday celebration, or any birthday . . .

Die-cut elephant with cupcake, so cute for a kid's birthday party!

Stylish cupcake birthday wishes for grown-ups!

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I've been asked to create a purse cake before for a little girl's 5th birthday, but hadn't done one for an adult until earlier this year! I was so excited to do one for a suprise 30th birthday party in
January! The cake was her favorite, intensely chocolate with chocolate chips, and the purse was pink (her favorite color) and black buttercream and fondant. It was a hit with the birthday girl, and lots of fun to create!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Winter Wondercakes

How sad is it that I can only update my supposed up-to-the-minute blog every two months?! I've been busy though! Lots of cake orders and some lovely paper orders, large and small. Here is a sample of what I've spent my winter months on:

Transformers 'Autobot' Logo Cake

My first Transformers cake! He really wanted a 3D 'Blackout'
Transformer cake, but I convinced him that an ENTIRELY BLACK helicopter cake might not be as exciting to look at as one might think . . . !

The yearly "Superbowl Sunday" Football Cake! It's a bit of a tradition now for me to do something Superbowl-ish each year. This year I was in a bit of a rush, so not the most creative cake, but still satisfying.

She asked for a 'retro stars' cake, and I'm not sure if this was what she had in mind originally, but she loved it anyway!

Classic Winnie the Pooh Cake

I'd never done a "classic" Pooh cake until this year, using the more subdued colors of Pooh illustrator E.H. Shepard's palette. It was a baby shower cake, and everyone thought he was just sweet, including me!

For the sake of privacy, I can't share pics of my customer's personalized stationery and invitations online. But it's been lots of fun working with new customers and old friends on their orders!