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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Lines

Beach-theme Program

Modern inspiration for weddings

Sweetest Whimsy launches a new stationery website this month showcasing the Inspirations® and Programs Galore and More!® lines by McPhersons, a company that has offered social invitations for over 40 years. The Inspirations line presents a wide assortment of contemporary and traditional Christian invitations and accessories. Programs Galore and More! is all about printed programs with many options for a wedding or other event. Check out the new designs for your upcoming special event and take 20% off on any order of personalized invitations or announcements by McPhersons!

Other recent additions to the Paper lineup include: Chloe B.®, exclusively for Crane & Co. I have always loved the feel and look of Crane's stationery, so I'm pleased to be offering their personalized wedding and holiday invitations and accessories! Did you know that Crane & Co. manufactures their papers from tree-free fibers? They've been "green" for over 200 years!

Nature-inspired artistry

And to continue the recycling theme, I am also happy to offer the Naturally Ever After collection from TATEX (which I think I mentioned before) of recycled paper designs. All papers contain at least 30% post-consumer fibers and the designs are quite unique. I just received my NEA album yesterday and can't put it down! The paper textures are really cool and unusual in the wedding invitation world. Soon I'll be able to offer these designs online as well.

And thanks to all who've taken a moment to visit this blog! Over 2,100 hits in 2008--amazing. And my most recent cakes and products are featured on the blog because it's easier to update. I'm blessed to do what I love every day!

*Update: A clarification on the printing process of the Chloe B./Crane & Co. line: You may want to be aware that while the Chloe B album is branding Crane & Co., it’s actually being printed by Carlson Craft in Mankato, MN. on their own card stocks and papers. Only the designs and logo on the album’s spine are from Crane’s.

Cinda Baxter
Consultant: Stationery and Gift Industry

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year, Happy New Look

Happy 2009! I have been neglectful of the blog due to illness (mine) throughout the holidays. But I'm back, and with a new look for the blog in anticipation of Valentine's Day!

The new year always starts off right away cake-wise for me; for the past several years I've had the pleasure of creating birthday cakes for a sweet young lady named Maddie, whose birthday is always the first on the January calendar.

Here is a look back at some of her celebration cakes:

The Art Palette

The Purse with Chocolate Makeup

The Bowling Ball

The Roller Skate

The business of my business is making everyone's special days even more special. I love what I do, can you tell?!