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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kitchen Whimsy

When I teach my cake decorating classes or bake at home, I wear an apron.  When I don my apron, my mind goes into cake decorator mode.  Everything else is secondary.

And when you put on a fabulous apron, not some frumpy, old, stained number, then you're really cooking!  You're not just a cake decorator or cook, you're the awesomest cake decorator or cook!  (Yeah, I know that's not really a word, but I love it.)

I have one of these fabulous aprons.  What makes it fabulous?  It makes you look fabulous, and you feel fabulous!  It's fun, flirty AND does what it's supposed to do--protect your clothes.

Here's mine:

My fabulous apron comes from the charming site Flirty Aprons!  Their aprons are fun, flirty, sweet and sassy, all at once.  Put one on and you feel stylish but you're still protected from spills and stains.  Brilliant.  The hardest part about visiting their site is choosing which design you love the most!   

Fits Like a Glove

You know what else I can't live without in my kitchen?  Some fabulous Rubber Gloves!  I hate the idea of ugly rubber gloves, the kind my Mom wore when I was a girl, so I adore these cute AND completely functional pairs.  

I started wearing them a year ago when hot water temperature and soaps started affecting my skin from constant dishwashing.  When you create cakes, you do quite a bit of washing up!  Cake pans, bowls, utensils--most of these are hand-wash only!  Believe it or not, I actually like dishwashing now that I get to wear these.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids cooking too?  Flirty Aprons has the cutest matching aprons for your Junior Cake Decorator. 

All I know is this Mom will be ordering the same apron in Women's size for herself!  They're perfect for toddlers through tweens.

Cake designers, start your ovens!  Then get ready to feel fabulous!  Check out Sweetest Whimsy's newest affiliate retailer Flirty Aprons's many, many designs for some stylish kitchen inspiration or click on the banner below: