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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Merry Cakes! Happy New Year!

I was been blessed with many cake orders for sweet creations in 2007 from lovely people who ordered them. Here are some from the past year that I am really quite proud of, in no particular order (sorry, these haven't been posted onto my virtual store's website yet!):

A non-traditional baby shower cake. My instructions were "no baby stuff."

A "technically difficult" creation due to the many color flow pieces that had to be made for it. Each sugary gymnast was unique! The cake top has a color flow "gold medal" and a "ribbon" of frosting.

Rainbow Unicorn. I just love this cake!

Cap, No Gown. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I think it did it well enough!

Cookie Cakes: Cinderella's Coach & Castle. Sometimes we get really sick of cake at my house, so for my daughter's Cinderella birthday party, we opted for a pair of cookie cakes--shortbread and M&M.

Dora the Explorer 'Fiesta' Doll Cake for my own little one's 3rd birthday. And some little Dora Cupcakes that were alot of work! (Who knew?!)

This is a slightly scaled-down version of a Disney Princess Castle Cake I made in 2006. I really love the design, which is based on one I "lifted" from a cake kit sold online and elsewhere.

A request for a simple Elmo Cake. I think of this as a 'back-to-basics' cake--no fancy frosting work, kids' candy as decoration and a classic character theme loved by all 2 year olds.

Cupcakes are so popular and no one can resist them. They're so small and innocent! I loved that someone ordered these for the holidays.