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Sunday, September 2, 2012

By Popular Demand: Tall Cakes Class!

Over the past 14 years, since I started teaching Wilton Method cake decorating courses, the curriculum has changed several times to reflect growing trends and to introduce different techniques.  As a result, some techniques were "retired" from the course books, not because they weren't useful or lovely themselves, but because there simply isn't time during the classes to teach everything!

One of my favorite things to teach that didn't make the most recent course updates was how to make a wedding cake, from start to finish.  This was always alot of fun and everyone always said they had no idea what was involved in building a tall wedding cake.

Of course "wedding cakes" are no longer for weddings anymore!  Or rather, TIERED CAKES are all the fashion, whether it's your kid's 2nd birthday or best friend's baby shower.  Cake shows on TV build larger than life, multi-tier cakes as the norm, and so the rest of the baking and decorating world (sort of) follows suit.  Case in point:

Do these look like "wedding cakes"?!

So I am SO EXCITED to be teaching my newest Wilton Method Course TALL CAKES this month!  It builds upon the chapter in our old Course III book on wedding cakes, but features so much more information and ideas.  What used to be about 45 minutes of instruction has been expanded to a 3 HOUR COURSE. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: You will learn the steps and techniques to create “tall cakes”. You will assemble and decorate your special creation. In addition to creating a multi-layer cake you'll receive valuable tips for serving, transporting, and storing your masterpiece.

And here's a sample cake from the class:

As you can see, this is a totally do-able tiered cake, suitable for many types of celebrations, and isn't necessarily taller than you are!  But it is definitely a lovely Tall Cake that you can complete in one 3-hour class and transport safely to your destination.

SIGN UP TODAY!  September 10, 2012 at 5:30 pm at the Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft, Bandera Location.  Questions?  Email me (see my contact information on this page).