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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Princess Treats

In case you've ever wondered what lots and lots of cupcakes look like all at once . . . here's a little over 100 of them in a really large box!

This past Sunday, I delivered my all-time largest order ever: 500 cupcakes, 300+ cookies and 1 four-tiered cake. It took two separate trips in a borrowed SUV (my Mom's) to actually deliver the goods. And the most amazing part? I did all of it for free! Yes, that's right, I didn't get paid a cent for my 5 days worth of work. And even more amazing? I'm so glad I did it!

The cupcakes, cookies and cake were all for the guests at the My Princess and Me event for which Sweetest Whimsy was a sponsor. Every single penny from the 450+ tickets sold went directly to the St. Peter-St. Joseph Children's Home. Almost $14,000 was made in ticket sales alone, and other goodies such as princess accessories and gift baskets were also available for purchase.

The event venue, Red Berry Mansion, was the perfect place to be a Princess for a day (it even looks like a castle) and even the rain and cold weather did not keep the little girls away! Every last one of the 500 pink-frosted and sprinkled vanilla cupcakes was eaten. In addition, I introduced a cookie decorating activity to the My Princess and Me event for the first time, and it was a total success--out of 300+ cookies I baked (from dough generously donated by Johnson Bros. Bakery, Inc.) , all but 3 were decorated by charming little princesses.

The Cake Table at My Princess and Me: My 4-tier Castle Cake atop a crown centerpiece I created out of odds and ends in my house.

I like this off-kilter view.

A good view of the silk petals I used on the cake, in part to fix some frosting damage that happened in transit.

The back of the Castle Cake.

Closeup of the Crown centerpiece under the cake, made up of tulle, silk petals, flowers and leaves, and one of my kids' dress-up crowns.

My helpers created concentric rings of pink cupcakes around my showpiece cake, which was not for cutting but for decoration only during the event.

A funky Castle that I designed out of more cake and ice cream cones, 4 different boxes of them in all sizes! The castle tier took longer to build and frost than the other 3 tiers did altogether!

Two of the Princesses in attendance decorating their sugar cookies with frosting, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips! (They happen to be my own little Princesses!)