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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful for Being Busy

I'm back after a month-long break from blogging about cakes, during which I was busy baking and decorating like crazy! Particularly the week before and during Thanksgiving, I was baking juggernaut.

Also, my plans to complete the National Blog Posting Month challenge bit the dust in November. Novembers are just too busy for blogging!

Some highlights of the past few weeks:

Whimsical topsy-turvy Spider Man birthday cake for my godbrother's son, Riley, who celebrated his 2nd birthday! I was trying to recreate an amazing $700 design by Nati's Cakes. Hope I did it justice!

This is quite possibly my favorite cake that I've ever created for someone's birthday, and after 11 years of cake decorating, that's saying quite a bit! An adoring husband ordered this for his wife's surprise 40th birthday celebration. He handpicked the design and decor. His attention to cake detail was very impressive and so sweet! His wife's favorite flower is the tulip, as is mine, so I loved working on this one:

My November baking also included pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate cupcakes, 20 dozen cookies (in one day!) and some new Martha Stewart chocolate cupcakes (always testing new recipes). This past Thanksgiving, I was, as always, very thankful for all of my awesome clients who give me the chance to create new cakes and cupcakes every year!