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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stuff Cake Decorators Buy

Sweetest Whimsy is so excited about being an affiliate for about 30 online companies, large and small, offering a gazillion different products, ranging from invitations to party favors to cake decorating supplies to personalized gifts.  You can browse all of these websites through Sweetest Whimsy's new Retail Love page (kind of like a mini-shopping mall of stuff I love!) or from the Paper Dolls Blog.

One thing that's really fun about cake decorating is constantly having the opportunity to replenish your cake decorating supplies!  Cake decorating is all about consumable items--flour, sugar, extracts, butter, and that's just baking the cake itself!  Then there are all the supplies for decorating, and when I start shopping for those, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  (And sometimes I literally am at the candy store!)

One of Retail Love's new website's is Dessert Decor (part of a company called Plates & Napkins).  I LOVE this site because it's a one-stop shopping place for stuff I need and use regularly for my cakes.  Dessert Decor offers a plethora of Cake & Cupcake Toppers, Baking Cups, Sprinkles, Packaging and Displays for anyone who's got the baking buzz!

Turquoise Sprinkles from Dessert Decor
Oh Paris Cupcake Kit from Dessert Decor
Stuff I buy alot?  Sprinkles and Baking Cups!  Dessert Decor offers sprinkles in 13 different colors (as well as Rainbow of course).  I love these Turquoise Sprinkles, a great summer color!  I also love the Oh Paris Cupcake Kit, which is too cute AND so convenient--everything you need in one box, and it beats having to make your own cupcake toppers for a very specific theme.

Zebra Baking Cups from Dessert Decor
I am blessed to fill many cupcake orders throughout the year--in the past few months, I've blown through about 500 baking cups!  So obviously I replenish my stock of baking cups often!  How much do I love these Zebra Baking Cups?!  Dessert Decor offers nearly 40 different baking cup designs and colors.  Something to match all of my customers' party themes!

Butterfly Cupcake Wrapper from Dessert Decor

Cupcake Wrappers are great for really dressing up your cupcakes on special occasions, and I love the delicate details on these Butterfly WrappersDessert Decor has a dozen laser-cut designs for all celebrations.  Can't wait to use these!

You can browse all of Dessert Decor's cool baking and decorating supplies from Sweetest Whimsy's new Retail Love page or from the Paper Dolls Blog.  If you see something (or things) you like, you can order directly from the website links OR just contact us and I will be happy to help you with your order!

Dessert Decor Cake & Cupcake Decorating Supplies