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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wilton's Icing Fun Workshop for Scouts

Easy for the Leader, Fun for the Scouts!

Kids love to help in the kitchen. And now, Girl Scouts can learn how to decorate like the pros with Wilton's new cake decorating program designed especially for them: Wilton Icing Fun! Perfect for all levels of Girl Scouts -- from Daisies to Ambassadors-- Wilton Icing Fun is a totally hands-on Workshop that walks the girls through each decorating step, demonstrates basic techniques, and assists while they practice on their own cupcakes or cookies.
As a Wilton Method-trained instructor, I provide:
  • A fun and relaxed Workshop at the Troop meeting site.
  • Decorating practice sheets for the Troop.
  • Exclusive Girl Scout Wilton Icing Fun patch for each girl.
  • Sampler Kit containing basic decorating tools for each girl.
  • Wilton Decorator Icing for each girl.
$15 per person

Add-Ons (at additional cost):
  • Cookies or Cupcakes
  • Girl Scout Wilton Icing Fun Certificate

I've taught cake decorating for over a decade and I'm so excited about offering this new class for Girl Scouts! I've been a Girl Scout Leader, on and off, since 2000.

The Icing Fun Workshop may be used to fulfill Scout Petal, Try-It, Badge or IP requirements. To schedule a Workshop, contact Sweetest Whimsy online or by phone.

Wilton's Icing Fun Workshop is a fun, creative and educational activity for your Girl Scout Troop!

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